True Leaders Are Often Pretty Quiet People

Leading others is a great privilege and big responsibility. Being expert on any field takes lot of time, effort, sacrifices, blood, tears and sweat.

When I was a kid, I only had a chance to read about great experts and leaders. There were literally none around. Teachers were either terrible bullies or useless wall flowers. First ones, the bullies were making all the effort to try to scare the kids and install the fear of making mistakes. Every mistake was greeted with several minutes of shouting. If you had a problem with speaking in front of everyone, you were laughed at. Some point I started to wonder, “great teachers, experts and leaders must be really rare animals as I haven’t met them yet”!

True Leader Are Often Quiet People

Finally, when I managed to get into Kuortane Sports Academy in 1992 I had a privilege to be a student under the wings of either good teachers or magnificent teachers. Each of them had their own personal style to lead and coach us. One had an old school military style, but once you got used to it, it was good. Much later, I learned to cherish the gifts he gave us. One had a very witty humor and strong personal background as an competing athlete. One was a pure joy to be around as she never stopped smiling and her positive energy and charisma made everyone do their very best. All they had a tremendous knowledge of what they were teaching and coaching. None of those great teachers yelled, they didn’t have to. They were teaching and leading with example.

The Officer and Gentleman

Another great example who I have most often used as a great example of what the true leadership and leader is, nowadays Colonel and commander of panzer brigade in Parola, Colonel Rainer Kuosmanen. I had the privilege to be under his command when I did my conscript service back in 1993-94. Kuosmanen had served in the paratroopers. He was no nonsense type of officer who always led by example, showed us and taught us what and how to do it. He also taught us to use common sense and initiative in order to succeed in missions. He never roared like many others; he didn’t have to. He had such a skills and knowledge that spoke on behalf of any voice. Everyone and literally even the worst whiners never complained out loud about Kuosmanen. They knew that if they’d do such an act, they’d be greeted with pissed of troopers.

Pure Joy for Eyes and Ears

Two years ago, I had a great chance to have a Zoom meeting with very unique professional, Swedish aeronautical engineer and aircraft pilot Per Lindstrand. Lindstrand is well known for his daring and record breaking missions, with British serial entrepreneur Sir. Richard Branson. One of the companies I’m in owner capacity had a problem and Per Lindstrand came to my mind so, I arranged a Zoom with him. I must say that it was a pure joy to have a meeting with him. He listened very carefully to what we represented to him. He took a bit of time to think, then he came up with a questions and at some point, asked one of his colleague’s opinion regarding one issue. I must admit that I had a bit of a fun on expense of my young colleague. He didn’t know who Lindstrand was and what sort of experience he had. Some point my colleague asked sort of questions how much experience and if any what sort of experience Lindstrand and his company have regarding balloons. I could hardly hold myself not to burst laugh like hell and roll on the floor. Per obviously realized as an experienced guy that I had purposely kept Per’s background a secret. He smiled boyishly and started telling a story of his and Richard Branson’s first hot air balloon record over the Atlantic Ocean in January 1991. I of course watched my colleague’s face which became awestruck by Lindstrand’s story. It’s a little memory which I cherish a great example of great expert and a leader. Lindstrand listened, gave a thought, asked questions, and only then started to give his giving’s. What a pure jour for yes and ears!