If you want to get rid off constant migraine attacks, you need to do self-care. It's easier than climbing to a mountain.

Learn the natural migraine self-care method which has been helping migraine sufferers since 2014.

To Whom?

Coaching in a nutshell

  • Financial services professionals
  • Corporate Executives, Managers and Specialists
  • Entrepreneurs

    Suffering minimum of four migraine attacks on a monthly basis. You are highly motivated to take action in order to be well. You want to take the control of your health instead of letting migraine to be the boss. 

I am offering personal migraine self-care coaching online. In the beginning I am evaluating Your situation and setting up realistic goal and personal self-care program for You. You are getting Your self-care instruction in written and video files.

During coaching You have weekly 45 minutes long one-on-one video coaching call with me where we harness Your skills, You will get further instructions and support.

During coaching You can reach me with the text message and call any time to get an instant support.

My Mission

Help migraine sufferers to get healthy and normal life without constant migraines. 
You can hire me as your personal coach. I will coach you via regular one-on-one online coaching coals.

What Is Migraine Rapid® Self-Care Method?

In a nutshell, Migraine Rapid® self-care method is all-around way to recover your physical functions back to balance after constant migraines. Even singular migraine attacks are causing multilevel disruptions. 
Our modern day lifestyle has a tendency to accelerate the negative impact of migraine. 
Migraine Rapid® self-care method helps you:
  • to stop the cycle of constant migraine attacks
  • recover your nervous system and muscles back to normal status
  • Save up to thousands of euros/dollars annually from migraine care expenses
  • learn powerful formula of feeling well year around
  • use method to beat acute migraine if they appear

Meet Jyrki Mäkelä

I’m Jyrki Mäkelä, manual migraine specialist and the developer of Migraine Rapid®, a migraine treatment method which has been helping migraine sufferers since 2014 to heal up and take the control of their health back from migraine. 

It’s been great to see the life changing impact in migraine sufferers lives when they can work normally and enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer also out of the duty. 

What Clients Are Saying

“This coaching has been a real life turn around moment to me. I've been struggling with migraine since I was 8. It's amazing than just within two months everything changed!”

Daniela L., Chairman

“Jyrki has been the only healthcare professional who has guided me what I can do myself in order to be without regular migraine. His system simply works. It's not a magic trick, you have to do the heavy work yourself, but it really pays off.”

Julia, 43, CEO

"Jyrki's coaching has been incredible. Every single thing has a specific purpose and they really work."

Rita H., Lawyer

"It's very much the de-facto that that Jyrki's coaching is not suitable for everyone. I'm a bit lazy guy, but I realized that I really need to make effort myself otherwise I just going to feel bad. Jyrki managed to motivate me and push myself beyond the limits I wouldn't even dream about crossing before the coaching."

Olli, 38, Financial Analyst.