How To Achieve High Level Productivity?

There are no special tricks for getting high productivity results. Just a few smart moves.

To-Do List

Prepare to-do list for the next day during the previous afternoon. Stick with A-list tasks which you really need to do otherwise things starts to go down the drain.


Yes, if you don’t sleep long enough, you are not going to be able to have a high productivity level. Switch off all mobile, tv, computer devices latest two hours prior of bedtime improves quality of your sleep. Switching off even earlier is a great way to improve your sleep and quality of life.

Wake Up

Wake up two to three hours prior you have to leaving for work or start working. Have a 15-30 minutes light walk after waking up.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy in the form of cold shower, cold water bath is a great way to wipe off the low level inflammation which we all have in our bodies after sleep. Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage gets kicked to a higher level as a result of cold therapy. When you do cold therapy each day or at least 5-6 times per week, you will notice within a month how much better you are feeling.


If you have a habit of having breakfast of course. Not everyone eats breakfast. Get your carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Pay attention to the quality of your food. Your body needs all nutrition’s, it’s just a scientific fact regardless of what some “diet trend” would argue. Human nutrition requirements do not follow any trends. Jumping from trend to trend is a fast track to have health problems.

Workstation Preparation

Put your workstation in order. Clear it out from extra stuff and have everything you will need in their place.

Work In Slots

Divide your working hours into slots. A good rule of thumb is to have 45-60 minutes working slot followed by 2-5 mini break. If some task requires extreme intensity and focus the good idea is to try out 10-20 minutes working slot followed by 2-5 minutes mini break. Our brains cannot keep up high intensity level focus unlimited period times, it’s very limited actually. Usage of slots technique will increase your productivity up to whole new level.

Walk & Talk or just Walk

It’s a great technique to increase your ability to resolve problems when you get up and walk around the hall and hit the streets for a little while. When you move, it helps to put things in order and come up some solutions. Walking also refreshes your physical status. If you need to have a few minutes or more talk with your colleague or client, why not try walk & talk style. Go for a little walk, it relaxes you and what I just mentioned before. Walk & talk meetings also help to keep meetings more compact. Again, your productivity is thankful.

Listen Music or Block Noises

This is pretty personal thing and can vary case-by-case. Sometimes listening to some suitable music, you like can help you focus better. I like to listen to a lot of old songs from the 1930-1940’s while I’m writing. I’m actually listening Vintage Swing Music while writing this article. If I’m writing something else, I may play music which fits nicely for action type of events.