Practice Your Mind

Your mind is a powerful tool. It is that in a good way and bad way too. If you think positive thoughts such as “I like myself and I’m going to be a great sales professional” each morning and before sales call or meeting with a potential, you are opening the gates of positive power into your mind and body. If you feed your mind with a “I can do, I’m going to solve this”, after each setback and problem, you are pushing yourself forward instead of laying down and feeling sorry for yourself. When you are saying, “I can do it! I can do it”! You are empowering yourself to cross current limits and obstacles. These are the very same mental training techniques that top notch athletes, Special Forces soldiers and many great corporate leaders are using. They are simple and easy to adapt into your life, but the trick is to use them on a regular basis.

The Trap of Negativity

It is easy to fall into the trap of negativity. Today’s world is full of negative stuff. If you just keep on watching the daily news, there you go. You are filling your mind with negative information. News is mainly negative ones. It’s hard to find positive news. TV news broadcasts are the worst. Your senses are bombarded with negative events by visual and audio. Newspaper media, which is heavily online these days, is not much better either plus in most platforms people can write comments. Social media platforms are full of toxic debates. Many people are feeling more and more anxiety and other bad feelings because the social media bubble is filled with beautiful pictures and videos of people. Especially young people are feeling lot of unnecessary pressure because they are feeling that they are good enough.

What to Do?

However, we cannot blame media and social media for all the problems of the world. We decide what we are thinking. We decide ourselves what kind of goals and actions we are taking each day. It is in your power to use your mind either in a positive way or negative way. We also decide how we are spending our hours when we are wake. Each and every one of us has equal number of hours in a day. It is up to everyone, you, and me, where to focus, what to do and think. If you face the storms, struggles, problems as well as good tides with a positive attitude and “I can” mentality, you have much more fun, easier time and you can resolve the problems more effectively.

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