What If You Do Not Have Support?

Running a career as a specialist, self-employed professional or small business owner can be a lonely path, even in an extreme way. There’s nobody who would help you to resolve the problems and make everyday life easier. What about when shit really hits the fan and you are facing trouble after trouble, and they just keep mounting up like waves in the Atlantic Ocean? How are you supposed to cope, keep on going and not crush underneath the pressure and all the issues? These sort of questions and more can be an everyday reality when you are having a career as a specialist, self-employed professional or even small business owner. The “drive” can be extremely lonely. I know all these issues. I have a LOT of experience running one man operations and have experienced the same enough even when there’s been team around me, or at least I thought I had. I’m not sugarcoating things; I have a tendency to stay things very straight forward way. It is not always a happy situation; it can be a very shitty situation actually. So, what in the name of Zeus you can do if you are all alone with all the problems, challenges, issues and whatever you’re facing. Here’s my list of choices.

Read books

Those who read frequently live many lives have been said. Reading every single day non-fiction books, biographies and autobiographies riches your life. Constant reading gives you leverage in the form of new knowledge and techniques which you can put to the test in your own career and life. I highly recommend that you read widely enough. If you are only reading books about your profession and field, it narrows your capabilities down badly. Read at least 30 % out of your field or even more.

Learn new skills

Make a list of skills which you need in order to achieve your goals and become successful in your field. Ask, “what one skill will help me to reach my goals”? and start to study every day at least two hour about it. Then take a look what the next skill is that will help you to succeed and start studying it. Each day, each week and each month do the same. One skill at the time, upgrade your knowledge and skill set. If you do this, within a few months you realize how far forward you have managed to move.

Listen podcasts and educating videos

In an absence of a person or team, one valuable source to get support is to regularly listen to educational podcasts and review YouTube channels of established professionals of you field. I have personally used a number of YouTube channels as a educating sources to gain information and knowledge in film making. First, I focused on indie film makers and their content regarding subjects from A to Z. Then I moved forward to a few other professionals who I recognized that they have something valuable to share. That has been a great working tool.

Do things out of your career

Working too many hours and every day will only dry your creativity, energy and eventually also health down the drain. It is important that you keep on doing things you love outside of your professional career. Simple things are usually the best. This can be all kinds of things from walking, running, other physical exercise, listening to music, cooking, writing and so on. For me the best things are the moments I’m spending with my family. Building sandcastles and other stuff with our daughter or playing hide and seek are great as well as storytelling moments.

What’s missing?

I purposely left such a stuff as networking events, being part of entrepreneur associations and so on off the list.

I hope this article helps you go through challenging times which time to time comes your way. Keep on going!